Top 7 Portable Chargers for iPhone

Usually iPhones are designed such that they should be ultra slim. Because of the thin structure the battery capacity is less and use of more applications on an iPhone also drain off the battery in a less time. So People who owns a iPhone will always look for a best portable charger. The portable charger for iPhone is useful for travelling, long drives or camping.

A portable charger is a light weight battery that can be carried anywhere easily. Portable chargers are also known as power banks, pocket power cells, back-up charging devices etc…A portable charger for iPhone helps to charge your phone when you are unable to plug into a normal charger.

7 Factors to be considered while buying a Portable Charger

When you are going to buy a portable charger there are few important parameters to be considered.They are

1. Power Input
Power input of a portable charger is measured in terms of amperes (A). This indicates how fast the portable charger will recharge from the power supply or USB. A higher values indicates a faster recharge.

2. Power Output
Power Output is also measured in terms of amperes. 2A is the standard for a smartphone and 5.4A is for charging multiple devices at a time.

3. Capacity
Capacity is measured in milliamperes per hour or mAh. A charger value of 2200mAh is enough for emergency use of a smartphone and for more use a value of 6000 mAh. A daily user can go for about 10,000 mAh which charges three full smartphones.

4. Number and Type of ports
It depends on the user requirement like number of devices to charge at a time.

5. Cables
In most of the new models a portable charger comes with a USB cable for input. Some of the models have integrated cables or carrying cases.

6. Quality
Customer must be aware of the quality assurance metrics on all models from the manufacturer. Portable charger must provide protection from overvoltage and overcurrent.

7. Aesthetics
Design elements like size, color and look vary from one model to another.

Top 7 Portable Chargers for iPhone



  • Triple 3A High-speed Charging: Charges 1.4x faster through our exclusive UPower+ technology. After intelligently identifying your devices, it auto-adjusts the output up to 3A.
  • Ultra Slim: The thinnest 10000mAh power bank easily slips it into any of your pockets or bags.
  • Compatibility: INIU portable charger can work with not only all the phones, tablets but your smaller devices like AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, fitness trackers, smart watches, etc.
  • High-efficiency USB C: Equipped with the latest USB C charging standard, working as both input and output to not only let you fast refuel the charger, but perfectly fit your newest iPhone, Android and all upcoming USB C devices.
  • Safety: 12-layer SmartProtect safety system combines the strongest anti-impact casing build the most durable and safest charger ever
  •  Multiple Use: Serves as not only an on-the-go charger but a handy torch in an emergency.


2.Ekrist Portable Charger Power Bank 25800mAh

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  • Fast recharge: The dual USB ports charge your two devices simultaneously fully recharges itself in 8 to 12 hours.
  • Universal compatibility: The power bank supports iPhone, iPad, iWatch, AirPods, Samsung Galaxy and most other smart cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth devices.
  • 4 LED Lights: Four led lights show the current remaining power. Easily press the power button to turn it on or off .
  • Safety: Built-in smart protection system the USB battery pack ensures complete protection for your device.

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3.POWERADD Pilot 4GS 12000mAh Portable Charger

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  • 8-Pin Input Design: The built-in 8-Pin Connector has been licensed, which means you only need one cable to carry around if you are outside for your iOS devices. Recharges with 5V/2A adapter is twice faster than normal 5V/1A input, reduce recharging time by 50%.
  • Auto Detect: Auto detect the charging requirement from your devices and allow simultaneously charging for your devices.
  • Powerful Capacity: 12000mAh rechargeable capacity provide more than 3 charges for an iPhone or about 2.7 charges for an Samsung Galaxy S9.
  •  Protection: It has grade A+ Li-polymer cell premium microchips multi-protect system. Supports over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection.
  • Ultra Slim: Ultra-thin aluminum alloy body, luxury & high-end design.
  • Indicator: 4 LED lights clearly indicates the remaining power in the device.


  • High Capacity: Get 3 full charges for iPhone 8, and 2 charges for iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Portability: Compact design fits perfectly in palm or pocket.
  • Rapid Charging: Rapid recharge top up the battery in as little as 4 hours with a quick charge charger.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with iphone models and samsung galaxy phones.

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  • High Capacity: Charge an iPhone 8 almost seven times, a Galaxy S8 five times or an iPad mini twice.
  • Fast Charging: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost combine to ensure your devices charge at their their fastest possible charge speed.
  • Safety: It provides Surge protection, short circuit protection and more advanced safety features to keep you and your devices safe.
  •  Output: Industry leading output of 4.8 amps provides enough power to simultaneously charge any combination of devices at full speed.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with devices like iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 and IPad.

6.RAVPower Portable Charger 15000mAh

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  • Ultra Compact Size: RAVPower RP-PB231 power bank is the smallest 15000mAh portable charger with the highest energy density
  • Fast Charging: USB-C Power Delivery port gives all USB-C devices a blazing-fast power boost upto 18W.
  • Protection: High-precision resistance-capacitance components and UL certified li-ion batteries provide ultimate protection for temperature control, overcharge, over discharge, short-circuit protection.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with almost all USB-charged devices including iPhone or Android mobile, iPad Pro etc…


  • Bulit in cables: One cable support with iphone ipad ipod, and USB C cable for Samsung, LG, Google phones pads etc.
  • Fast Charger: Fast charge your device with the maximum output at up to 5V/2.1A as fast as PD3.0 wall plugs.
  • Capacity: Powerful 10000 mAh capacity can fully charge an iPhone 6 at up to 4 times.
  • Output: With built-in cable for iphone & USB-C cable, in addition to the open USB port,iWalk Portable Charger can charge up to 3 devices at once. Built-in cable for iPhone allows you to charge your latest iPhone & iPad. Built-in USB-C cable allows you to charge many mobile devices, such as Android phones or bluetooth speakers.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with devices like Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, IPhone XR, IPhone XS, IPad, IPhone 4, IPhone 6, IPhone 11, IPhone X, IPhone 8, IPod, IPhone


The Portable Chargers for iPhone are very fast charging devices. They aslo provide protection for your phones. Portable chargers are not only compatiblle with iPhones but also supports many other devices. It is best to buy these portable chargers which can be easily carried while travelling.