How to choose right Power Adapter for your Laptop?

Laptops are portable devices which have their own power supply in the form of rechargeable battery. As the name says we need to recharge it frequently as it doesn’t last for long period of time.

Types of Power Adapters

Usually Laptops depend on two types of power adapters, the AC adapter and the DC adapter. The adapters are also known as chargers which helps in converting the electricity from the power supply unit into a form that is required for the laptop.

AC Adapter

AC adaapter is a type of external power supply. These adapters are commonly used with electronic devices which require power but do not have any internal coomponents to drive required power from the mains.


Safety: Designers need not worry about the hazardous voltage issues inside the device as the power adapter is external.

Heat Reduction: External power supply removes heat source from the device. This inturn increases the reliability of electronic components.

Weight and Size reduction: Since the device is powered by rechargeable batteries ,the weight and size of the device reduces. External power supplies can be easily replaced by user themselves.

DC Adapter

Laptops usually use DC power, so it is not necessary to use a DC adapter wwhen using a DC ppower source. Most DC power sources provides a voltage that is too low which is converted by a DC adapter to a higher voltage that the laptop can make use.

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Factors to be considered while buying a Adapter

Before buying a adapter it is essential to check which type of adapter your laptop needs. Check the laptop’s model number and power requirements to find the compatible adapter for your laptop. It is important to consider some of the factors while choosing a charger or adapter

  • Watt
  • Ampere
  • Voltage
  • Connector pin

Watt: Watts are supplied on demand to the battery that is being charged, even if it is over the limit of the device, it doesn’t cause any damage. Usually a laptop requires watts between 45-100.

Different laptop charger types from Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Panasonic, Lapgrade, Lapcare

Ampere: Amperage is the measure of current which gives the laptop enough power to run. The circuits within the laptop needs a consistent amount of energy to power up. The ampere value mentioned on the laptop should match with the value on the adapter.

Voltage: Voltage is the one which pulls electrical energy into the laptop. If the voltage required for the laptop is different from the voltage provided by the adapter, it is unable to pull the electrical energy into the laptop. A high voltage will damage the laptop’s circuit.

Connector type: It is necessary to check that the connector is going to fit into the laptop’s power port. Even though all laptops use DC power connectors, all connectors are not same. There are different types of connector pins


Laptop Power adpater and charger with different Connect Pin type

Cylindrical Connectors- Known as sleeve connectors, tip connectors; they are insulated, hollow cylindrical cables that connect to the laptop power port.

Snap and Lock Connectors- Known as Kycon 3-pin and 4-pin DC power plugs; this connector has three or four pins surrounded by a thin, metal cylinder.

Molex Connector- Several insulated electrical wires are enclosed by a flat, plastic rectangular case with 3,4 or 6 terminals. This is often used on personal computers to supply power.

USB Connector-Consists of a hollow, rectangular flat metal tip, inside of which are two or more flat metal pins.

The cylindrical connector pin is the most commonly used connector in laptops. Some laptops and electronic devices may also use USB plugs for their power ports.

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Laptops are mobile devices, which require power cords and adapters to charge their batteries. There are AC and DC adapters. Each one of them converts electrical energy from a source to a form that the laptop can use. The adapters should supply right voltage, amperage and connector type. It is important to make sure that the laptop charges properly with the adapter. Though there are different types of connectors, only one type will work for any single laptop.