12 Best Portable Power Strips with Surge Protection

A portable power strip is good to have when you are travelling. It can provide you additional power outlets to charge your devices. It can be a lifesaver in places like hotels, airports where number of wall outlets are less. A power strip can be easily carried while you travel, as it is small in size.
A power strip is generally a device that adds extra outlets, a power strip with surge protection provides protection against power surges. Most of the portable power strips are provided with surge protection, if you are not worried about surges, then you can go for multiport USB wall chargers. Some of the best portable power strips with surge protection are listed here.

Parameters to be considered while buying portable power strips

Some of the important parameters to consider while buying a portable power strip are as follows

Size and Weight
When you are about to travel, the important factors to consider when packing your luggage are size and weight. A bulky power strip isn’t going to do any good instead of making you to carry heavy luggage. So keep your picks such that they are travel friendly and weight less. So while choosing a power strip for charging your devices while travelling, size is the main consideration.

Outlet Placement
Choose a power strip that positions AC outlets in a way that maximizes the number of devices that can be plugged in, irrespective of the size or shape of the devices.

Plug Design
If the power strips own AC outlet plug or folds into the body of the device when not using it, it makes you to pack into smaller spaces and also prevents the plug from scratching on the surrounding items.

USB Charging
Number of devices and accesories that can be connected to the equipment. voltage from the output ports also needs to be considered based on the devices you need to charge.

Surge Protection
Most of the portable power strips are too small to provide complete protection. The joule rating on the equipment will indicate how long a given model will take surges.

What is Surge?

A surge is a wave of current, voltage or power in an electric circuit. Surges are overvoltage spikes or disturbances on a power waveform that can damage or destroy electronic equipment.

What is Surge Protection?

A surge protector is a device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage fluctuations. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by blocking the unwanted voltages.

Why do we need Surge Protection?

Surge protectors help to increase the lifespan of your electronic devices. Power surges can damage your electronic devices due to spikes caused by lightning strikes, grid malfunctions and power outages.

12 Best Portable Power Strips with Surge Protection


1.Accell Power Travel Surge Protector

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Accell power strip surge protector has 3 grounded AC outlets and 2 USB charging ports. The home and away power station have a folding plug. The folding grounded power plug folds flush with the housing, making the product ultra compact and easy to pack for travel. The power plug is non-polarized, allowing compatibility with many more outlets than a polarized power plug.

The power strip has advanced X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology, which provides surge protection by detecting surge conditions and directs excess energy away from device through the electrical grounding system. It is designed to protect delicate electronics at home or when you are on the road. It’s impact resistant housing helps defend against the unavoidable knocks that occur during travel. Provided with an LED indicator which reports that the connected equipment is protected.

2. Tripp Lite 3 Outlet Portable Surge Protector Power Strip

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Tripp Lite’s surge protector is a slim, compact surge protector which has three 5-15R outlets and 540J of surge suppression in a direct plug-in design which folds down and fits easily. It has 2 USB charging ports that deliver 2.1 amps of power to charge devices like smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. Tripp Lite is useful for students, travelling professionals and anyone who is in need of portable surge protection.

A green LED indicates protection status at a glance. Different electromagnetic and radio sources may cause disruptive interference on the AC line. This noise is a main cause of performance and data loss. The SK120USB has a technology that filters out disruptive line noise and prevents your equipment from getting damaged.

3. Allocacoc PC-1910/USRU4P 1910 Adapter

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Allocacoc is a portable power strip which is suitable for a wide range of chargers, electronic devices and appliances. This model has 4 outlets, 2 USB ports and extension cords. This is an innovative way to multiply the power sockets in your home, workspace.

This mini adapter is designed to accommodate a wide range of plug sizes so you can power your laptop, Tv, mobile phone all at once. It’s rated for 100 to 250 volts, so no need of an additional voltage converter, it has four changeable plugs to fit a variety of international wall outlets.


The TRAVELER3USB provides an easy solution when you have a shortage of power outlets. It provides three 120V AC outlets and two USB charging ports along with surge protection. You can wrap the power cord safely around the body and tuck in the plug to prevent its prongs from scratching the device. The two USB ports provide a total of 2.1A for charging of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices at a faster speed.

The Tripp Lite provides 1050 joules of surge suppression to prevent the strongest surges from damaging your devices. Keep in mind, the higher the joule rating, the greater the protection. It includes a line to neutral, neutral to ground and line to ground surge suppression.

5. Power Strip,Witeem Surge Protector

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Witeem power strips are widely used in workplaces, homes and many other places. The Witeem surge protector has powerful functions such as power surge protection, overload protection along with ability to transform the protection system into visual information. Each LED indicator indicates the working condition of the power strip. It has a 2.4A USB port which can quickly charge your devices.

A total of up to 6A can allow fast charging services, when the total demand exceeds 6A, the power strip will start the protection mode and distribute the current thereby reducing the charging efficiency. These surge protectors can withstand power ratings up to 1874W, when the equipment exceeds maximum power, the system will automatically turn off the power. The hard covering of the power strip protects the electrical components from external forces.

6. Power Strip, Bototek Surge Protector

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The Bototek power strip provides overload protection against spikes and fluctuations. It has advanced surge protection technology, which protects the equipment and connected devices getting damaged from unexpected voltage increase. In case of power overload, the double-break safety switch will trip off automatically to protect your devices.

It has power cords with thick copper wires for stronger, high conductivity and more power efficiency. The 4 USB ports are widely compatible with Apple iPhone/iPad all series products, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and other USB devices. The widely spaced outlet ports allow you to plug in bulky adapters.

7. Power Strip with 8 Ft, YINTAR Surge Protector

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Yintarpower strip surge protector has 10 outlets and 4 USB ports. It has built in smart technology, which detects your devices automatically and delivers the fastest charging speed up to 2.4A. The design is professional which meets safety criteria, provides over current protection, surge protection and multi level safety protection.

It consists of 3 levels complementary surge protector circuit which composed of TVS (transient voltage suppressor), MOV (metal oxide varistor) and GDT (gas discharge tube), with minimum of 2100J of energy absorbing capacity, it can protect your devices more quickly. Power cord is made up of heavy duty copper, which can withstand more heat.

8. Huntkey Surge Protector Power Strip

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Huntkey surge protector has 12 outlets and 3 USB charging ports. It has two layers, a loose cover and a real switch. The cover ensures that the switch is not caught by dust. It can identify any connected device and deliver the optimum charging efficiency. The USB ports are widely compatible with tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Portable Huntkey  equipment can be mounted on the wall easily with the 4 keyholes on the back of the power strip. It has 6 widely spaced outlets to plug in bulky devices and 4000J energy rating provides protection for all your electronic devices.


Orico power strip surge protector has 6 outlets and 5 USB charging ports, which allows you to charge more devices at the same time instead of multiple chargers. It has advanced one-piece copper sheet technology, which provides better conductivity, more energy and lower calorific value. Orico uses an embedded power indicator, which indicates whether the plug-in is working or not.

It has advanced safety technology, which provides overload protection, surge protection and fire resistant casing will provide protection for the connected devices. Orico power strip protects your devices from power spikes, prevents devices from surges by absorbing excess power. The USB outlet has 1.5m extension cord which is made up of 14AWG pure copper, that has a better current carrying capacity. The USB ports automatically detects your device and delivers the optimal charging speed of 2.4A per port.


Addtam power strip allows you to charge 9 devices at the same time with 3 USB-A ports and 6 AC outlets. The portable power expander has 2 mounting holes and screw fixation design which allows you to securely install the power strip. The hard shell protects the electrical components and ensures surge protection.

The shell is fireproof and can withstand temperatures up to 750 degree Celsius which maximizes protection. It has 5 foot extension cord which is tangle free, durable and has higher conductivity. The intelligent circuitry with power sensing detects the external load. The switch automatically shuts off to keep your devices safe.

 11. Power Strip, MKSENSE Surge Protector

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The Mksense surge protector has 12 outlets, 4 USB ports and 1 Type-C port. The flat plug fits easily in tight spaces and the 45 degree angled plug keep other outlets free. It has 14AWG heavy duty extension cord which has good conductivity, high quality phosphorous, copper with mesh technology, elastic and strong, makes the surge protector more durable.

The power strip surge protector provides protection up to 3600 joules. It is made of top-grade flame retardant material which protects the electrical components and safeguards the extension cord with USB from external forces. Mksense has a circuit breaker and a reset switch that automatically shuts off to protect your devices.

Trond surge protector has 4 widely spaced outlets and 3 USB charging ports. This power strip can charge 7 devices at the same time with the widely spaced outlets. It has an energy rating of 14400J which can protect your electronic devices from power disturbances like surges, spikes and lightning.

Trond has an integrated circuit breaker, which will trip automatically when the power load exceeds and in such case, reduce the load by unplugging some devices and reset the equipment.


Our suggestions above are what we found are the best power strips with surge protection available on the market. These are the best and durable portable power strips to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.